The New Look Dodgers

To the city of Los Angeles and the diverse population of Angelenos, the Los Angeles Dodgers are more than just a baseball team. They are an integral part of the history and tradition that define our great city, with generations of loyal fans that consider ourselves one large family. The Hollywood Reporter just wrote a great piece entitled The New Look Dodgers, portraying how the Los Angeles Dodgers’ new ownership of Peter Gruber, Stan Kasten, Magic Johnson and Guggenhiem Partners will thrust the storied franchise into a successful future out dismal Frank McCourt Era. The photos that go along with the article (Gallery 1 and Gallery 2) masterfully depict the pride of the Dodgers past like Tommy Lasorda and Vin Scully, and the young stars that will take us into future┬álike Matt Kemp, Clayton Kershaw and Andre Ethier. As a die hard Dodger fan, its great to see such a well crafted article and set of photographs of the Dodgers outside of a normal sports publication.