Rico’s Tacos

It’s of my esteemed opinion that some of the best Mexican food in the city of Los Angeles can be had at one of the many taco trucks scattered across town (primarily on the Eastside, sorry Westsiders). For only $1 a taco you can have mind-blowing carne asada, carnitas, lengua or my favorite al pastor (specially marinated pork served with a slice of pineapple). I like to think of myself as a taco truck connoisseur, and always like to find the best trucks in whatever part of town I’m in. So, one night driving home up Fairfax Ave, I spotted a newcomer to the mix of well established mid-city taco trucks like El Chato and Tacos Leo, a taco cart on the northwest corner of Pico and Fairfax called Rico’s Tacos. Simply a grill, a couple tables and some lights in the corner of small parking lot, Rico’s Tacos has stellar tacos, fresh salsas and a great local atmosphere that I think is a legitimate contender to the other heavyweights in the area. Check out their recent write up in LA Weekly.