Lenin Sculpture at Ace Museum on La Brea Ave

The Southeast corner of La Brea Ave and 4th St in Miracle Mile Los Angeles has long been the home to a large open concrete building reminiscent of a parking structure. Though in recent years, it has become the Ace Museum, a new annex of the Ace Gallery which has its home right around the corner on Wilshire Blvd. Literally going up over night late on Saturday, a new sculpture was added to the open area right on the corner, finally bringing some attention to this otherwise disregarded building. A work of the Gao Brothers from China, the Lenin Sculpture is another piece in their progression of provocative art like the infamousHeadless Mao. The artists have included several elements that show this controversial figure in a new light for the world of art. With a vivid chrome finish, the metal sculpture is constructed from horizontal sections that were purposefully staggered to make up this very thought provoking likeness of ruthless Russian dictator Vladimir Lenin. As such a well know person, the artists’ decision to give his face a chrome finish takes the focus away from Lenin, and to the sculpture’s context by allowing the reflections to highlight the immediate surroundings instead of Lenin in an appropriately demeaning fashion. The staggered sections represent his broken and destructive legacy that brought so much turmoil to Russia. Atop is a very playful inclusion of baby holding a balance stick on top of Lenin’s protruding head, as if walking a tight rope of his disastrous and risky Marxist ideals. Come on down to Miracle Mile and take a look for yourself, in this urban context it is quite a sight to see.