Greatest Piece Of Taco Art Ever

Like many Angelenos, I am very passionate about our most treasured local cuisine, Tacos. All across our fine city of Los Angeles, there are hundreds of taco trucks serving some of the greatest Mexican food around. There even blogs like The Great Taco Hunt and Taco Maven dedicated solely to this wonderful cuisine. During my years here, I have definitely become acquainted with our local taco culture, and have eaten some of the best tacos in the city. Recently while dining at Tinga Taqueria on La Brea Ave, I became instantly enamored with what I believe to be the Greatest Piece Of Taco Art Ever. Located in their bathroom is wall mural depicting scenes of tacos: ninja tacos breaking into a house, tacos flying across the ceiling, a man happily content covered in tacos while his sulking girlfriend cries “All you do is spend money on tacos.” I was absolutely floored by this masterpiece.