Arts District Printing Co.

The urban landscape of Downtown and the Eastside of Los Angeles obtain a certain type of nostalgic beauty to us Angelenos. Beautiful art deco bridges, a definitive skyline, pockets of natural greenspace and other notable landmarks is what make Los Angeles such a wonderfully unique city. Capturing these iconic scenes and making sharp looking prints of them is design collective Arts Distric Printing Co. Design and printed in Downtown Los Angeles, they have a quite nice selection of photographs from Los Angeles and all over the great state of California. [CoolHunting]

Los Angeles Bus Stops

I love the urban landscape of Los Angeles, and I love it even more when artists are able to capture it in an authentic light. Riders from photographer J. Wesley Brown presents the city’s ever present network of bus stops, highlighting their place in the context of the city and capturing their persona in very realistic manner. But what defines the character of the bus stop? The structure itself, or the people that temporarily occupy it. The transient nature of these places are fascinating to behold when travelling through the dense areas of the Eastside of Los Angeles. Driving along the streets you quickly catch a snapshot of a bus stop, knowing that though the place remains the same, the scene defined by the people within them will always change. These photographs depict so accurately this intriguing phenomenon, that as an Angeleno, it’s like these are snapshots were taken from my own experiences. [Wired]

Los Angeles Coffee Crawl

For Los Angeles, the craft coffee scene is relative young with shops just popping up around town in the last few years. But now it has grown into a cohesive community of baristas and roasters on par with other great coffee cities, and Local blog Life & Thyme wanted to showcase some of the best in town. Dubbed the Los Angeles Coffee Crawl, they brought together coffee enthusiasts to venture to Downtown Los Angeles’ best brews, and had them document their adventure via instagram. Going through the Arts District, their stops include Handsome Coffee Roasters, Stumptown Coffee Roasters and Daily Dose Cafe.

Downtown Los Angeles: America’s Next Great City

To all those who still grasp onto the opinion that they “don’t like LA,” I understand. You are most likley basing your opinion on either boring ass Santa Monica, douchey Hollywood or your experience of the city 10 some-odd years ago. Well times have changed, and Los Angeles is not what it used to be. Ever since I moved back here in 2007 I have been incessantly preaching to those outsiders that this is an great city on verge of becoming even more amazing, mainly due to the urban revitalization occurring on the Eastside (Los Angeles proper), more specifically Downtown Los Angeles. I am immensely proud to see the word is getting out, and that GQ has published a very accurate and detailed article about how Downtown Los Angeles is rapidly becoming America’s Next Great City. Whether you are a hater or lover of Los Angeles, you must read this article. I love Los Angeles. LA all day.

Los Angeles in the Snow

For a place defined by sunny and mild weather, it can be hard to imagine what it Los Angeles would be like if it snowed. Well, its happened before, and photographs are amazing and surreal. From a dusting at UCLA, to skiing the streets of La Canada, to a snowball fight in McCarthur Park, check out LAist for all of the fantastic photos. [LAist]

Eastside LA by Chris Turnham

Illustrator and printmaker Chris Turnham has produced a stunning collection of pieces, highlighting the distinctive landscape of the Eastside of Los Angeles. Whether they be notable landmarks like the Griffith Observatory, Hyperion Bridge or just a standard street corner in Silver Lake, his ability to portray the scenes with such authenticity, is complimented well by his unique illustrative style. The crisp definition of the light,  ever present overhead power lines,  and casual palm trees all add to the distinctive Angeleno atmosphere, which he has executed so well. You can buy some of the prints at his online shop, or see them on display at Hemingway and Pickett during the month of November. [TheFoxIsBlack]

Baseball In Early Los Angeles

The history of baseball in Los Angeles goes back much further than the Dodgers moving west in 1958. Though a young city relative to the rest of the United States, Los Angeles has a rich and storied history of our country’s national pastime with former stadiums like Wrigley Field and Washington Park located just south of Downtown, Gilmore Field located in Mid City next to the Farmers Market, and the Los Angeles Coliseum which housed the Dodgers for a few years until Dodger Stadium construction completed. Photographs and information of all this can be found on the blog Baseball In Early Los Angeles.

Know Your Palms

Defining the image of Los Angeles are the iconic plethora of palms trees cresting above the urban landscape. Design group Common Studio have made it their mission to bring us closer to these elegant giants through a new project called Know Your Palms. On trees in the Los Angeles neighborhood aptly named Palms (near Culver City), trees are posted with these informative flyers that indicate if the tree is a Queen, Date or Fan Palm, and then has a tear-off with details on it’s defining factors.

Yasiel Sabe

Over the past month a 22 year old Cuban sensation has rocked Major League Baseball with one of the greatest offensive performances of any player’s first month in the history of the game. Yasiel Puig has brought his wreckless passion for the game of baseball to the city of Los Angeles, helping the Dodgers rebound from a lackluster start and thrusting them into contention in the National League West. His boundless energy and non-stop effort has enlightened his struggling teammates into a team that is now firing on all cylinders and finally playing some great baseball. Even 86 year old announcer Vin Scully has boy-like excitement in his voice everytime Yasiel comes to the plate. Yasiel Puig’s brut strength and God-given athletic abilities are being compared to the legendary Bo Jackson who had the famous Nike ad campaign “Bo Knows,” which they have revived into “Yasiel Sabe” (sabe means “knows” in Spanish) for this amazing show he has put on. Check out the Yasiel Sabe shirt here.

Los Angeles 2013 Circa 1988

On April 3, 1988 the Los Angeles Times Magazine published a futuristic expose of what life in Los Angeles would be like in 25 years entitled LA 2013. The article (click here for the full PDF) included everything from revolutionary technology that would modernize our daily lives, to our futuristic transportation system, to the transformed urban environment. One of the things I found most fascinating with the article were the absolutley stunning illustrations of the futuristic Los Angeles cityscape composed by reknowned designer Syd Mead. Famous for his visual contributions to the science fiction masterpiece Bladerunner, Mead’s creation envisions a future Los Angeles categorized by clean lines, high buildings, sleek transportation and few remnants of the 20th century.

Northern Grade Pop-Up Shop Los Angeles

Up until recently, the much lauded menswear pop-up shop Northern Grade had only opened up it’s flea market style boutique in it’s Midwest home of Minneapolis and Chicago. Now, the annual event is expanding out to other cities to showcase a wide variety of american made menswear apparel and goods, including Los Angeles this Saturday April 6th 11AM-7PM and Sunday April 7th 11Am-5PM. Sponsored by Apolis and Pierrepont Hicks, some of the best local and national brands in menswear will be attending, along with food and drinks from Handsome Coffee Roasters, Wurstkuche and Coolhaus. See the flyer above for more details.

Los Angeles Embodied In One Photograph

From skiing in the mountains, to watching the sunset at the beach in the same day. Last Sunday, this was my life, and can easily be any other winter weekend for us Angelenos. Forget what you see on TV and the movies, this is what Los Angeles REALLY is all about.