Arts District Printing Co.

The urban landscape of Downtown and the Eastside of Los Angeles obtain a certain type of nostalgic beauty to us Angelenos. Beautiful art deco bridges, a definitive skyline, pockets of natural greenspace and other notable landmarks is what make Los Angeles such a wonderfully unique city. Capturing these iconic scenes and making sharp looking prints of them is design collective Arts Distric Printing Co. Design and printed in Downtown Los Angeles, they have a quite nice selection of photographs from Los Angeles and all over the great state of California. [CoolHunting]

Los Angeles Bus Stops

I love the urban landscape of Los Angeles, and I love it even more when artists are able to capture it in an authentic light. Riders from photographer J. Wesley Brown presents the city’s ever present network of bus stops, highlighting their place in the context of the city and capturing their persona in very realistic manner. But what defines the character of the bus stop? The structure itself, or the people that temporarily occupy it. The transient nature of these places are fascinating to behold when travelling through the dense areas of the Eastside of Los Angeles. Driving along the streets you quickly catch a snapshot of a bus stop, knowing that though the place remains the same, the scene defined by the people within them will always change. These photographs depict so accurately this intriguing phenomenon, that as an Angeleno, it’s like these are snapshots were taken from my own experiences. [Wired]

I Love You California Print

I didn’t think there was a way to make the classic I Love You California print any better, but then I stumbled upon a slightly reworked version from San Francisco print maker 3 Fish Studios, and fell in love all over again. It’s tasteful revision that sharpens up some details, and appropriately colors in California as the “Golden State.” Go HERE to purchase a print.

Hand Lettered Envelopes

Making a good first impression can make all the difference. Designer Roxy Torres from Austin TX has taken that to another level, and thought of a creative way to present her resume/portfolio when submitting for jobs at design firms. She crafted custom hand lettered envelopes for each company, in what she calls the Snail Mail Series. Very impressive use of compostion, colors and typeface styles, all done by hand. [TheFoxIsBlack]

Wood & Faulk Leather Jar Sleeves

Proponent of handmade goods and advocate of the DIY mentality, Wood & Faulk has a fantastic collection of leather goods and bags, many of which were originally conceived as simple craft projects. One of their recent creations is an ingenious addition to the traditional mason jar, a koozie of sorts, the Leather Jar Sleeve, which you can also attempt to make yourself with their handy DIY instructions. Big fan of the functionality and aesthetic of this sleeves, and the fact that they are so simple to make.

Eastside LA by Chris Turnham

Illustrator and printmaker Chris Turnham has produced a stunning collection of pieces, highlighting the distinctive landscape of the Eastside of Los Angeles. Whether they be notable landmarks like the Griffith Observatory, Hyperion Bridge or just a standard street corner in Silver Lake, his ability to portray the scenes with such authenticity, is complimented well by his unique illustrative style. The crisp definition of the light,  ever present overhead power lines,  and casual palm trees all add to the distinctive Angeleno atmosphere, which he has executed so well. You can buy some of the prints at his online shop, or see them on display at Hemingway and Pickett during the month of November. [TheFoxIsBlack]

Walter White vs Heisenberg

Just came across this great Breaking Bad animated GIF that is making the internet rounds this week over at The Fox Is Black , and had to share. Excellent graphic representation of the contrasting visages of Walter White and his alter ego Heisenberg. It’s the work of Brazilian designer Henrique-Athayde and very fittingly getting some attention with the impending final episode of Breaking Bad this Sunday.

Twill Lounge Chair

Based in Brooklyn and focused on American-made multi-functional products for living at an economically-mindful price point, Wintercheck Factory has a sharp looking line of furniture and goods that I have found to be quite impressive. Their Twill Lounge Chair really caught my eye with its handsome mid-century aesthetic whose olive Japanese cotton twill pairs really nicely with the auburn arm rests and frame. Chairs like this which have the frame exposed and aren’t completely upholstered offer a more sleek and open style, and allow for more contrast/ineraction of materials and textures (cotton against the wood).

Topps Archive Prints

In a move of utter nostalgia, baseball card maker Topps has started to take their legendary cards of the 1980′s and print them out as Topps Archive Prints. Including all the great players from across Major League Baseball, I particularly like the prints of former Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda. These are the baseball cards many of us grew up with and seeing them being reproduced again to adorn our walls brings back so many great childhood memories. [Uncrate]

Having A Face Photo Series

As a talented animator/director, Finnish designer Lucas Zanotto has knack for bringing characters and scenes to life. In his series Having A Face,  he has applied his skills to inanimate objects by cleverly placing a pair of eyes on random piles of hay, woodpiles, tree stumps etc…  giving them a face and persona, through the magic anthropomorphism. They are so enjoyable to look at. I can’t help but imagine the personalities of each character, especially the hay pile, as one bundle confusingly glares up at the other bundle smothering him from above. Ha! [TheFoxIsBlack]

Most Expensive Photographs in the World

Its astonishing to think that a simple photograph can garner millions of dollars, but that is just an indicator as to how more attractive photography is becoming in the world of art. Only in recent years (i.e. the early 1980′s) has photography has been accepted as an actual “art” alongside it’s more traditional painting counterpart.  Leading this charge, and having 3 pieces on this list of the Most Expensive Photographs in the World, is contemporary photography pioneer Andreas Gursky. Known for their vibrance and hyper-real scenarios, Gursky’s photographs (like those above) offer simplistic views of the real world, re-envisioned to reveal their complexity and detail. [Gizmodo]

Landscape Photography of Kurt Rahn

Photographer Kurt Rahn has a talented eye for landscapes, and definitely excels in capturing the authentic aura of the natural locales he shoots. His gallery over at Society 6 is full breathtaking mountains, lakes and wilderness that are sure charm. I’m also attracted to the vintage effects/processing he applies to his photos, giving them a very dramatic appearance.