2012 Toyota GT 86

Long ago are the days when one could easily find a simple and compact rear wheel drive sports car with a manual transmission and above average power. Auto manufacturers these days are making cars larger and heavier, with more unnecessary technological innovations and eliminating manual transmissions as an option, essentially losing touch with what real driving enthusiasts want. In an amazingly refreshing change of face, Toyota has released a modern reincarnation of their legendary Corolla AE86 from the 1980′s, considered one best performing Japanese compact cars of all time, and still used to this day in drift style racing. The new version, the Toyota GT 86, borrows a Subaru boxer 4 cylinder engine, six speed manual transmission and a newly rear wheel drive chassis, to focus on the same well balanced character that is found in the old AE86. These ingredients result in a sports car largely unmatched in its class by any other model on the market today.