Not really sure how to categorize the sounds of Jungle, the somewhat mysterious band coming out of the UK within the last year. Essence of motown, with a soulful backbone, and a myriad of eclectic sounds and electronic grooves, their “new-soul” flavor is very compelling. Their release of individual singles over the past year have put blogs and soundcloud into a frenzy over their music, and I can’t stop listening. Unfortunately, I missed out on their sold out show at the Echo a few months ago, but they do have another Los Angeles show scheduled for June 6th at the El Rey, get your tickets here

Los Angeles Bus Stops

I love the urban landscape of Los Angeles, and I love it even more when artists are able to capture it in an authentic light. Riders from photographer J. Wesley Brown presents the city’s ever present network of bus stops, highlighting their place in the context of the city and capturing their persona in very realistic manner. But what defines the character of the bus stop? The structure itself, or the people that temporarily occupy it. The transient nature of these places are fascinating to behold when travelling through the dense areas of the Eastside of Los Angeles. Driving along the streets you quickly catch a snapshot of a bus stop, knowing that though the place remains the same, the scene defined by the people within them will always change. These photographs depict so accurately this intriguing phenomenon, that as an Angeleno, it’s like these are snapshots were taken from my own experiences. [Wired]

I Love You California Print

I didn’t think there was a way to make the classic I Love You California print any better, but then I stumbled upon a slightly reworked version from San Francisco print maker 3 Fish Studios, and fell in love all over again. It’s tasteful revision that sharpens up some details, and appropriately colors in California as the “Golden State.” Go HERE to purchase a print.

The Revenge DJ Mix

While trying to conjure up a way to define the sound of the UK DJ/producer The Revenge, I couldn’t put it any better than how Resident Advisor summed it up: The Revenge is a producer who understands the past but embraces the future. Deeply rooted in classic funk/disco, The Revenge takes sounds of the old and polishes them up into more modern edits and remixes, ones that I have become quite fond of over the years. His recent mix at La Cheetah in Glasgow is absolutely outstanding and is a definitive expression of his unique sound, journeying from boogie to funk to deep house to disco.

Los Angeles Coffee Crawl

For Los Angeles, the craft coffee scene is relative young with shops just popping up around town in the last few years. But now it has grown into a cohesive community of baristas and roasters on par with other great coffee cities, and Local blog Life & Thyme wanted to showcase some of the best in town. Dubbed the Los Angeles Coffee Crawl, they brought together coffee enthusiasts to venture to Downtown Los Angeles’ best brews, and had them document their adventure via instagram. Going through the Arts District, their stops include Handsome Coffee Roasters, Stumptown Coffee Roasters and Daily Dose Cafe.

Pixar Artist Turns Movies Into Childrens Book

Pixar animator Josh Cooley has created something that we never knew we really wanted. He’s turned our favorite classic movies into a childrens book Movies R Fun!: A Collection of Cinematic Classics for the Pre-(Film)School Cinefile. Capturing some of the most famous scenes from movies cinefiles love, these illustrations have a comical touch and playful personality that are  masterfully executed. Can’t help but love these scenes from the Big Lebowski. Walter Sobchak as a childrens book character is a frighteningly hilarious idea.  You can also check out the book Amazon.

Classixx Mix on Diplo & Friends

Classixx brought their special flavor of House music to the radio show Diplo & Friends this week, throwing down an absolutely slammin’ set. Real driving tracks, full of deep beats and heavy hitting bass lines As always, these guys are some of the best in the business.

Rogue Territory Spring/Summer 2014

Los Angeles based menswear brand Rogue Territory has released a lookbook for their Spring/Summer 2014 line of apparel, well made clothes with a no-frills classic aesthetic. ”The new looks stay close to the core of Rogue’s aesthetic, with new fabrics being utilized in signature pieces like the Supply Jacket and work shirts. And, for those of you who like a little variety in your life, Rogue Territory will have both washed and raw versions of your favorite denim and chambrays.” Great colors, great cuts, looking good without trying to hard. A very genuine approach. [FourPins]

Pushup Police Mix Three

Pushup Police: Proper House. Cuz’ someone’s gotta do it.

Todd Terry – Jumpin’
Kenlou – Moonshine
Trankilou – Bill Collector
DJ Le Roi Feat. Roland Clark – I Get Deep (Late Nite Tuff Guy Remix)
Leon Vynehall – Brother
Doc Daneeka – Walk On In
Jakkin Rabbit – How Deep

Hand Lettered Envelopes

Making a good first impression can make all the difference. Designer Roxy Torres from Austin TX has taken that to another level, and thought of a creative way to present her resume/portfolio when submitting for jobs at design firms. She crafted custom hand lettered envelopes for each company, in what she calls the Snail Mail Series. Very impressive use of compostion, colors and typeface styles, all done by hand. [TheFoxIsBlack]

Late Nite Tuff Guy

The funk is alive and well in Australia, and Late Nite Tuff Guy is bringing the heat with his arsenal of groovin’ tracks. Similar to the disco edit masters Tiger & Woods, Late Nite Tough Guy takes classic disco and funk songs, adds his flavor of beats and synths, then re-sequences them into a new polished track. I’m especially fond of his series of Tuff Cuts below, which are custom edits he uses in his live DJ sets and only available on vinyl, but have shared them with us to enjoy.

Porsche in the Snow

Now here is an epic snow scene, something I can really endorse. What better way to get towed on skis than by a Porsche 356. I bet the German engineers in Stuttgart didn’t see this coming for their race inspired sports coupe. What an amazing photograph too, striking winter light, muted colors against a plain of snow, and a dramatic composition of the landscape.