Cabin Dweller’s Textbook

For those who strive to DIY, putting in the time and effort to create a thoughtful quality product, I commend you. In my mind, there is no greater trait a person can have that than the skills, or passion to obtain the skills, of creating something with your own two hands. There’s no better example of this than the frontier spirit of the pioneer, making their own way out West, needing a handy skill set and inventive mind to create products or processes to support themselves. Granted, its not the 1800′s anymore, but much can be adapted from that pioneer spirit, and it does so at the Cabin Dweller’s Textbook: A Compendium of Modern Frontier Scholarship. A good friend of mine who is a very handy man, has put together this fantastic website with articles outlining different craft projects, culinary tips and life hacks inspired by the cabin/frontier lifestyle Explore the different chapters to find out how to make a fire, brew cowboy coffee, mix cabin cocktails, chisel wood and much much more. You can also follow them on Instagram here.

California Pennant

As goes the Cal drinking song, “For California, For California!”, so does Californians love for their fine Republic. Greatest state in the Union, til’ death do us part. The California Pennant by Three Potato Four is fine piece for your humble abode to show your state pride, whether its a cabin up in the Sierras, a craftsmen cottage on the Central Coast or apartment in Los Angeles. Made from felt with traditional script text, and adorning navy and gold of the mighty California Golden Bears, this pennant is all kinds of wonderful.


It’s well known among menswear aficionados Japan’s admiration for classic American menswear and denim (best portayed in the Japanese publication Free & Easy, check it out for a little taste). But it comes as a pleasant surprise to find other Asian countries beginning to follow their lead, in this case South Korea and their superb menswear designer Bastong. Along with a line of classic button down shirts, their collection of jackets are quite exceptional, following traditional American styling with little bits of their own modern touch. Specifically, the stunning fabrics and finishes used in their outwear like the British deep tan waxed cotton and dark raw chambray set their brand in the upper eschelon of menswear, even making waves here in the states. [AContinuousLean]

Mondrian Sticky Notes

Pioneer of Dutch modern painting, Piet Mondrian, used only basic grids and primary colors to create his peices. The simplicity of his creations allowed for the shapes and colors to be seen in their pure form, reavealing their true essence. These abstract theories fueled a whole movement of progressive art/design called De Stijl which influenced the modern art world for years to come. PA Design out of France recognized that the grids he created could be repurposed into the Mondrian Sticky Notes which adapt his shapes and colors into handy notes to use at your desk.

Neon Mfg.

Neon is a medium kind of lost in the world of design these days, even though it is a seemingly modern idea that allows light to be molded into very progressive forms. Maybe we can just lend this downfall to the fact that it is difficult/expensive to make and is a somewhat archaic technology. Well, the folks over at Neon Mfg have realized neon’s brilliant potential and are bringing back it’s wonderful aesthetic and it’s ability to construct text into multitude sizes, styles and colors. Their collection offers an splendid selection of neon lettering with very clever phrases and idioms at an affordable price, even offering custom creations. Lets Party.

Milk Bottle Match Striker

Handmade in Vermont, Farmhouse Pottery produces a fantastic line of housewares evoking authentic farmhouse style while also advocating the values of farm-to-table to a new generation makers and farmers. The Milk Bottle Match Striker is a handsome little piece repurposed from the design of old milk bottles leaving the bottom portion rough and unglazed as a place to strike matches. Not only does it look sharp, but has great functionality to it too. Works well in the kitchen, workshop or anywhere a fire may be needed.


, or “night flight”, is a project by photographer Kevin Cooley capturing airplanes ascending and descending into airports in the nightime hours. By taking the shots with a very small aperture F22 he was able to perform a long exposure with the resulting photographs effectively showing the paths which the airplanes traveled. These paths left by the planes also highlight how essential the function of time is in photography, capturing a quick moment or in this case a longer period to portray movement. I am particularly fond the buildings in these shots, and how the long exposure depicts them in a very honest and natural light. Though a secondary subject in the compositions, these buildings are equally as prominent functioning as very grounded figures in contrast to the immense movement portrayed by the planes, giving a great balance and essentially framing their paths.

Cabin Love

Stunning landscapes and rustic cabins, sounds like a spectacular combination to me. Cabin Love on Instagram showcases beautiful cabins from all over the world with inspiring settings and refreshing aesthetics to let your mind take a mini vacation everytime you view. Its important to let yourself get away sometimes, even just for a bit through your phone. Lets be cabineers together.

Carry On Cocktail Kit

Amidst our current era of restrictive air travel laws, many professional travelers have made the brilliant realization that mini-liquor bottles are allowed to be carried on a plane per the new regulations enacted (they are smaller than 3.4 oz). Praise must be given to to these intrepid pioneers, for they have given hope to all of us looking to easily embibe at 30,000 ft. Now, the Carry On Cocktail Kit has taken this idea to a whole new height (pun intended) providing travelers with a convenient kit including bitters, sugar and muddler to make two proper old fashions. You are now free to cocktail around the cabin! (ding) [TheFoxIsBlack]

Dapper Grid

At the crossroads of infographics and menswear is Dapper Grid, a blog dedicated breaking down the individual pieces of a sharp looking outfit, as well as displaying a palette highlighting the colors used. Seeing the individual parts that make up the whole give a better understanding of how a great composition (in this case the outfit and the colors) can be constructed, and which colors work well together. Inspiring nonetheless, and certainly can be a catalyst for other great designs.

1963 Maserati Series I Sebring

There’s something special about cars from the 1960′s that I absolutley adore. Simpler designs with more sleek body styling, no bulky panels or pillars, no autrocious bumpers, just pure form. The 1963 Maserati Series I Sebring is a fine example of this era, embodying an aerodynamic and aggressive look. This particular model apparently trumped their competitor Ferrari: Fitted with a 3694cc inline DOHC 6-cylinder engine rated at 245hp, power was fed to the rear wheels via a 5-speed manual gearbox, it sat on independent coil over spring front suspension with an anti-roll bar and had a rigid axle at the rear with semi-elliptic leaf-springs and another anti-roll bar. Performance was brisk and the Sebring claimed a tested top speed of 137mph, handling was exemplary and many of the Ferraris of the era literally couldn’t keep up it. [Silodrome]

California State Plate

From the Corbe Company’s  collection of state plates, the California State Plate is a fantastic piece of kitchenware for those who love our fine Golden State. Bake and serve with pride in this handcrafted American made dish.